Global Leader for Automotive Air Conditioning Desiccant Solutions

Our range of innovative products solve key moisture problems such as controlling humidity in recycled air systems and in confined spaces and drying the refrigerant and compressor lubricant in mobile air conditioning systems to prevent corrosion and extend system life. Owing to our ability to provide both off the shelf and custom solutions, we can deliver products which are more reliable, trusted and cost effective. This is a key reason why our desiccant products can be found in over 75% of all passenger vehicles on the road.

Applications for Flow Dry Adsorbent Products

A variety of Flow Dry products are used in the automotive industry to seal, dry, and protect vehicle systems. We support our customers by protecting their products. Thanks to our processes and highly capable associates we are able to reliably deliver outstanding products including desiccants/adsorbents and injection molded parts and assemblies.