Keep Electronics and Sensors Safe From Moisture

Electronics and sensitive sensors are often not tolerant of moisture. Flow Dry uses aggressive desiccants like 3A and 4A type zeolite molecular sieves to protect electronic equipment and components during manufacture, shipping and storage, and during active use. Other adsorbent and desiccant materials may be used in your application, such as silica gel or clay. We pay special attention to customer needs and will advise you right desiccant for your specific application.

Select the Right Desiccant:

  • To adsorb moisture in packaging so that it does not condense during transportation.
  • To adsorb any moisture that enters the package from the ambient environment in transit, storage and operation.
  • To prolong the storage shelf-life of any packaged product.
  • To protect electronic components from moisture adsorption that can result in failure during soldering.
  • Typical applications utilize desiccant in Tyvek® packets; other materials can be considered for unique applications.




We regularly collaborate with customers to produce innovative solutions for moisture and contaminant problems.