Global Leaders in Moisture Control

Most applications utilize adsorbents and desiccants in Tyvek® packets, although other formats can be customized for unique applications. We regularly collaborate with our clients to produce innovative solutions for moisture and other contaminant problems.

The best solution to prevent product damage during storage and transit is often a multi-layer defense:

  • Well-engineered primary product protection using packets, strip packs or unit bags, depending on the product and storage/transit environmental conditions.
  • Thorough secondary packaging protection, which is typically accomplished using unit bags or container bags.
  • Preventing "container rain" in shipping containers using a container desiccant product.



"Always understand and conform to all internal and external customer requirements"

Flow Dry has the people, the systems, and the quality systems knowledge to meet industry's toughest quality demands. Our quality program is compliant with IATF 16949 requirements, which guide our business. We solicit early customer involvement in Advance Quality Planning (AQP) for new products.